Casting on Mid Row

My pattern (on ravelry as Beginners Lucky Pouch by Hattie B. Holtapp) calls for me to cast on in the middle of a knit row. When I try to do this using long-tail cast on with the yarn from the previous stitches I get a loose mess. Am I supposed to break the yarn and cast on new? Do I need to cast on 7 instead of 5 and then k2tog on both sides on the next row? Help! Everyone else who’s made this pattern doesn’t seem to have this problem, so I am missing something…

Thanks, Cath

You can use another end of yarn for the thumb yarn to do a LT cast on, but it’s much easier to do a knit or cable cast on. Move the R needle into your left hand, cast on the sts and switch the needle back to the R and continue knitting.

Thanks, that worked!