Casting on mid project

I’m trying to do this KAL

I am ready for row 40. It says “Cast on 12 stitches for paws, knit to end of row, 64 stitches”

I’ve never cast on mid project. I just finished row 40, so how do I cast on there. I’ve only done long tail cast on, do I need to do another type? Where do I do it?

At the beginning of the next row, use a knitted, cable or backward loop cast on to make those extra stitches. Then you’ll work across them together with the others.

Amy has video on all the cast-ons.

Ingrid, I guess I’m confused b/c it’s for making Paws, but if I cast some on (right where I ended the last row), isn’t that going to make the project 12 stitches longer on the one side, but no longer on the other? Does that make sense?

It should tell you to cast on at both ends, now that I looked at the pattern, since after that row you should have 24 more stitches. So cast on at the beginning of the row and again at the end.

OK! I thought I was crazy! I just couldn’t visualize how that would work.

So - I’ll cast on this row, and then 12 more on next row.

Thanks so much!