Casting on in the middle

I am a new knitter and knitting a beginning level shawl but it required that I bound off 16 stitches half way through Row 31 and now I am on Row 32 and I have to Purl 22 and then cast on 16. How do I cast on without getting loops? what is a good method for a beginner?


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A lot of times you can use the backward loopcast on…although I like to use the knitted on cast on…I just turn my knitting around to CO the sts and then turn it back around to continue with the pattern (cause the yarn is on the rt needle and for the knit on you need it on the lft needle):happydance:

I would use suggest either the knitted cast-on or the cable cast-on. There are videos for it in this section.

with the long tail cast on it gave huge loops between stitches, not sure what I am doing wrong…

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I too am having an awful time with the knitted cast on. It would be so wonderful if we could get a bigger picture of that video and some sound to go with it! (hint, hint):wink:

Yeah the long tail prolly wouldn’t work out the best in that situation…I would give the knitted cast on a try…:happydance:

for the knitted cast on…you make a slip knot on your left needle, take your right needle and knit into the stitch, transfer the new st from your right needle back onto the left needle and repeat :thumbsup:

If you are having trouble with the videos here’s another place you can check. The pictures are large and clear and the descriptions are good.