Casting on in the Middle of Work 'Working in Pattern'

Hi there!

I came across this lovely [I]Turn Back Cap[/I] which I’d like to knit up for a dear friend of mine who’s recently become a mother. (Because of forum restrictions I will post the link to the pattern as a reply to this thread).

After the 4th row, the pattern states: [I]‘Working in pattern cast on 5 sts at beginning of each row.’[/I]

I’m unsure what it means by [B]‘working in pattern’[/B].

[B]I have two questions:[/B]

[B]1. Do I cast on all those stitches as though knitting them?

  1. After the number of stitches on these rows changes, it of course affects the mathematics of the pattern. How is each of these rows then worked?[/B]

Hope someone out there can help me! Am aching to get started on this! In case it affects your reply I am a pre-intermediate knitter so am quite green =))

Here’s the link to the pattern I’m referring to:

You can CO at the beginning of a row using the knit or cable CO, then work those new stitches in pattern. We’d need to know your stitch pattern to say how they should be knit.

Thanks for your reply Suzeeq!

The pattern can be found here

I think I’ve figured it out. Thanks =)

That’s a tricky one. You might try charting it out - use Vs for knits and -s for purls. The beginning of the original rows are seed stitch, but after you add those 5 sts, they’d no longer be at the edge. So you’d have to make the first 2 or 3 sts in seed stitch, then do the others in the k1 p4 (or k3 p2) part of the pattern. Are you there yet? If not, by the time you are, it may be easier to see how to keep to the pattern by looking at your previous rows, just that the original edge sts will no longer be seed stitch - that shifts to the new beginning of the rows.