Casting on in the middle of a row

Hello all, I would like to make knitted winter caps with ear flaps. I did find a pattern that starts with the braided tie that then is attached to the ear flap. That has gone fine. The pattern then says to cast on a number of stitches, knit the ear flap onto this beginning row of the cap and then cast on another number of stitches and add the other ear flap and continue to add the total number of stitches.

I got as far as the first cast on and connecting the ear flap but am not having any luck continuing to cast on the next stitches. I use the long tail cast on method and can only figure out how to use the one loop thumb cast on, that is flimsy. I would like to use a cast on that will be sturdier like the long tail cast on gives me.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out…Christmas is just around the corner…

Welcome to KH. Can you give us a link to your pattern?
Try using a knitted or cable cast on. I find the cable cast on is a little stretchier. Cast on the first stitches, knit across the ear flap, move the right needle to your left hand and cast on more stitches using the same method. Knit across the second ear flap, cast on again as before. HTH

I somewhat understand what you are saying about holding the needle in the opposite hand but if you could provide me with a link that would even be better. I did a lot of searches, found tips and tried but still ended up with a big gap that I couldn’t tighten up without knotting the yarn.
This is the link to the pattern. I don’t like the Fair Isle pattern but will be able to come up with my own and after looking at many patterns for hats with ear flaps, this was the best for the worsted weight yarn I will be using. I wish I could have found a better pattern but I didn’t.

Thank you so much for your help.

Maybe this video will help. Unless the gap is really big it should tighten up after a few rounds/rows. He does say the knitted cast on is stretchier, that might be the better choice.