Casting on in the middle of a project

H! I’m attempting another sweater. I have had this pattern (on paper!) for like 20 years and I’m finally giving it a shot. Here is the sweater:

I actually have two questions. This is knit in one piece and I’m at the point where I have to start the sleeves. I see there are several ways to cast on in the middle of a knit, what’s the best way for this project?

My second question is probably obvious. I see from other Ravelers that the sleeves are pretty long. I’d like to do a 3/4 sleeve. Can I just use what I’ve knit to measure how many stitches per inch and then figure out how long I want to make the sleeves and then math it? And I’d measure from the underarm, right? Since there isn’t really a shoulder seam? Will that negatively affect anything else on the sweater? The increases and decreases should be the same, right?

Thank you!

What a cozy, pretty cardigan! Thank you for the link.

Knit or cable cast ons are good for casting on here. They are both sturdy cast ons which will give structure to the sleeve.
Right, figure out how long you’d like the sleeve to be measuring from the underarm. Decide how wide you would like it to be too. Then you can figure out how many increases or decreases you need and the frequency in order to fit them into the shorter sleeve.
Can’t wait to see your version of this cardigan.

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I think Katherine knit cast on or cable cast on is best for mid sweater as these are quite secure and don’t go loopy. Remember if it says cast on at the end of a row you have to actually turn the work to be able to cast on so it feels like the beginning of the next row, however as the new stitches go onto the left needle you can in fact start the “next row” after making the new stitches.

Your method of shortening the sleeves sounds good. Counting gauge from a larger piece such as the body of the sweater should give a more accurate number to work with than a small swatch.

Looking forward to seeing the progress.

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