Casting on in the middle of a pattern

I can’t find an example of this anywhere. Obviously you don’t need a slip knot, but can it be explained or do I need to see a video or picture? TIA for all help!

I generally use the backward loop cast-on. There is a video in the video page under cast-onss. So, if you have to cast on at the end of a row, when you get there, just cast on as many stitches as you need. It’s really easy and not scary at all.

There may be another way someone else knows of but that’s the one I always use.

Hope this helps!

Here’s one

So when she says put the needle between the stitches you would put the needle between the last two stitches right where you want your CO to be. Hope this helps

Or for a knitted CO, knit into the st at the end, but instead of slipping that st off, put the new st on the needle. You skip the slip knot part and start with the next st. Backward loop makes a really loose CO if you’re doing more than a few sts. Cable or knitted is much better.