Casting on in middle of row

I have stiches on my needle and the pattern says to cast on stitches, do I do this with a M1A stitch?

If your pattern says to cast on, then you simply cast on, even if it’s in the middle of the row. Don’t worry. There is a method to their madness… you just might not see it right away.

Of course in this type of circumstance, you may have to use a different cast on method than you usually use, for instance you won’t be able to do the long-tail cast on. The easiest cast on here would be the backward loop or maybe the knitted cast on if you feel you need a sturdier edge. I’m sure both methods are included in the videos on this site.

Hope this helped! Good Luck!

A cast on st is a little different from an increase, and it depends how many you need to cast on. If it’s just one m1A will work, otherwise a knit or cable cast on is better and yes, they’re all shown on the Cast on page.