Casting on hubba bubba yarn

i have bought this new yarn to knit a scarf with and can not seem to cast on the instructions are as follows
with 4 mm ndls starting after long pom pom make a loop in next space between 2 pompoms.
place on left hand ndl. Keeping next pom pom at back of work cast on 2sts in next spacebefore long pom pom 3 sts on neddle thats not the problem its this keeping long pom pom flat along the left hand needle go to next space after long pom pom wrap thin thread round ndl working from the back towards your thumb holding long pom pom firmly place ndl into back of this loop and bring thru a st Pbon (place reulant st back on right hand ndl)
(with pom pom at back cast on 2 sts with thin thread) twice ***9 sts on ndl
Rep from **to ***until 3 less sts than desired sts are achieved ending at ***
keeping long pom pom flat as before work 2 sts ito first space miss pom pom work 1st into next space cast on complete.

Here are videos for two slightly diffferent ways of casting on for this kind of yarn.

They both show how to hold the pom pom out of the way while adding sts onto the needle.

i have bought this wool and the same pattern it seems,I am having great difficulty with it, did you ever solve it ,would love to hear if you solved it thanks

I think the trick to working with this yarn is to use the strand between the pom-poms and ignore the pom-pom itself. Hold them out of the way to the back or to the side and work with the strand as the videos show.