Casting on help

I’ve used a long tail cast on but I don’t have enough yarn to finish it. Can I just switch to another type of cast on to finish it? It’s just 5-6 stitches. :shrug:

I’ve done that before. If it’s not a lot of stitches, you can start over again, adding about 4 inches to the tail.


You could use the backward loop cast on - it just uses the working yarn but it can be hard to knit from but it shouldn’t matter for so few stitches. It is the second video on this page.

Its your knitting --YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!

Me? i am a cast on fanatic, and it would bother me no end.

but then, i do things that others find appalling, and i don’t mind at all!

YES, you can do the last 5 or 6 inches with a single yarn cast on like KNIT, or CABLE or even a Simple Twist–

If you find the look acceptable go right ahead.

ITS YOUR KNITTING! its empowering to knit, to take control, to do things they way you want. I am all for that (but i would unravel and start again!)

there are ways (some better than others) to guestimate how long a tail is needed to not run out…
i blogged about cast ons here
there are links at end of each page to the next (5 pages in all!)

I read in one of the Yarn Harlot’s books (can’t remember which one) that if it’s a lot of stitches that you’ve needed to cast on and you don’t have enough yarn for the last few, that you can just increase the right number of stitches evenly across the first row of knitting.

Depending on how many stitches you still need to put on… I saw a segment on Knitty Gritty where Lisa Chin said to just switch the tail and working yarn in your hands and continue. I believe Meg Swansen did the same thing for the BSJ video. :thinking:

I would just increase across the first row. Or work from both ends of the ball when casting on.