Casting on half through knitting to form sleeves

I am having a meltdown on how to cast on half way through a pattern. I have not knitted for decades so I may have known once but cannot remember. I normally cast on with one needle initially but cannot comprehend this one especially as it has to be done a both hands and not included in that rows pattern… HELP !!!

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Which pattern are you using? Can you give us a name or a link? Not the whole pattern please as that causes copyright problems.
If you need to cast on at the beginning of a row, here’s a video. For the second sleeve, work across the row turn and cast on at the beginning of the next row.

Thanks for the quick response. Pattern is King Cole leaflet 2727 v6 round
neck baby jacket.

If I cast on at beginning of row then I have to include it in that rows
pattern and that is not what it says. or am I on the wrong track.

Can you quote exactly the row or two of these directions that are causing the problem? A few rows of the pattern is ok to post.


I have attached the sleeve shaping bit for you to look at.


Cast on the required number of sts at the beginning of the row then work back in pattern on those newly cast on sts and the body of the sweater. On the next row, cast on the required number of sts and work back in pattern across those newly cast on sts, the body of the sweater and finally the first sleeve.

Fabulous thanks so much.X