Casting on from a knitted row

I have always used just a simple thumb cast on when needing to cast on at the beginning or end of a knitted row, etc. I find it leaves a small hole. Any better suggestions regarding the cast on so it doesn’t happen? I checked Amy’s videos, but I can’t find it covers this ???


I like to use the Knitting-on… it’s the main CO I use for almost everything :rofl:

I like the knitted cast on too; I find the thumb loop isn’t very good for more than a coupla sts because it’s so loose.

The cable cast-on is good too, though I find it easier to do it with a crochet hook and then transfer the stitches to the needle. There’s a video for it on the cast-on page.

Thanks everyone. I got a handle on it and am whizzing along on a pair of baby mary janes. Thanks again!!!:muah: