Casting on for Two-at-a-Time Knitting

Here is a You Tube Video I just downloaded yesterday, showing a long tail cast on with both knit and purl stitches, knitting something two-at-a-time, and basic Magic Loop knitting.

Hopes this helps some of you out there.

Very timely for me! Mittens, leg warmers, sweaters, I’ll use it a lot. Thank you for the link.

I looked at the video and while it is very good it went to fast for me, stopping and starting wasn’t helping. I found this [I]extremely annoying[/I] guy explaining what I think is the same thing. I was able to follow it better. Skip up to about 2:50 if you want to look and don’t want to have to endure the whole thing.

I am sorry if it was too fast for you. When making video’s you are limited to 15 minutes max and I had to redo that video at least 8 times trying to shorten it and still get all the content in. If you look my video is 12 minutes 59 seconds… it is really hard to do. I tried to go very slow for the 1st part of the purling part of the cast on, and the rest is just a repeat and me knitting. Sorry, I tried my best.

I’m sorry, I must have sounded critical when I didn’t mean to at all.

In fact, I am very impressed with the video and I am now, thanks to you, working on two leg warmers at the same time. If I hadn’t seen your video, I would not have known about the ribbed cast on at all. Thanks to you, I used the ribbed cast on.

Making a video is so far beyond me that I am extremely grateful to those who do them. You give good instruction and I expect that for someone else it will be easier to follow. We all learn differently; on some things I am quicker than others, this isn’t a quick one for me.

Please don’t be discouraged because I needed to look at another demo.

What I learned: how to measure yarn for a long-tail cast-on; how to do ribbed cast-on (OK so I peeked elsewhere), how to cast-on for two-at-a-time knitting with magic loop, how to knit those first stitches and rows, and you are a good teacher and not annoying. Some videos are really hard to watch but yours is easy to watch and to follow. I would have checked out more of your videos already but I had to put what I learned to work.

Please forgive me for coming across as overly critical, I do that sometimes.

Thank you.

Thankyou Lori, Im going to try that when I start doing my own socks, I’ve saved it in my knitting techniques folder. Should I start with just one sock at a time when I do begin and then move on to two when I get the art down pat? Just wondering if 2 at a time will be too confusing for first time sock knitter.

Edit: Oh and if I should start one sock at a time is there any videos out there anyone could recommend?

Not a video but one of the best sock tutorials and often recommendd here.

Cheers Salmonmac :slight_smile:

Yes, you can do one sock at a time with my video… you just do 1 cast on and not the second. Cast on all the sts you need for your sock, divide those sts in half like I did on the video, join making sure all the stitches are laying the same(railway tracks) and start knitting in the round by Magic Loop.

Yes there are lots of videos out there that are good, I just put 3 techniques in one video, trying to put it is better perspective than watching 3 different videos :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask if you need any help.

I didn’t take offense… Just explained how it all works. I’m new at doing videos and it is all a learning process.

Thank you Lori, when I start my first pair I’ll make sure I post in whatya knittin and use your vid to get started. Your video was very clear with pleanty of extra tips to walk away with too. :thumbsup:


I’m a fan of knitpicks project tutorials, the toe up one sock at a time can be found here:

Lori, kudos for a great how to video. When I’m ready to move on to socks, I can promise I’ll be watching and rewatching this cast on!

Noice, cheers Charlotte, added to my file. :slight_smile: