Casting on for seed stitch

OK, I’m practicing my newly learned stitches. I watched Amy’s video of the seed stitch, but I have a ?. If I do the double cast-on method, do I just start the pattern on the next row? I think the cast on is already a knitted row, so I was just wondering, since I’m supposed to knit the purls and purl the knits. How would I begin or do I do a different cast-on method? Hope that makes sense. Thanks. I think I want to make my son a seed stitch scarf as my first project.

Personally, I do a long tail cast on for pretty much everything, unless I need to do a provisional cast on for whatever reason. I do a lot of socks that start with ribbing and with the cast on row, as you say producing a ready-made knit row, it doesn’t make a difference.

So, just cast on as you usually would and start your seed stitch and you won’t even notice your cast on once it’s all done.

I was just looking at the various cast on videos on this site, and it looks like the alternate cable cast on might be a different one to try, if you want to. It says that it is good for K1 P1 ribbing (which isn’t really all that different than seed stitch, at least not the first row). I can’t say for sure though because I’ve never tried it.

You can just start on the next row after the cast on unless you want a border around the edge.