Casting-On For Ribbing or In Pattern

Now I’ve tried to find a nice cast-on for anything OTHER THAN 1x1/2x2 ribbing! I have tried to find something as nice as the tubular, or something that is the tubular cast-on for anything other than this 1x1/2x2 business.

So, this brings me to my main question. Based on a concensus of good knitters, and I mean GOOD knitters who have been doing this for years and know what they’re doing and do it all the time, I am looking for a way to get the same good-looking cast-ons you will find at your local department store. Now please don’t tell me “It was machine knit.” Trust that I know that. Please. I have been told that my own knitting looks machine-knit because I can do some of the same things you can do on the machines. People think Tubular Knitting is machine knit. Before there were machines there were hand-knitters; but I digress.

Anyway, the main question is: WHAT DO YOU USE TO CAST-ON FOR YOUR RIBBING PATTERN? Aren’t some of you out there tired of the same old thing? I mean, go to the stores and you may find that the casting on is a lot nicer on some garments for something like 5x3 ribbing. I have seen this without the ridgy looking cast-ons for wide ribbing. Seriously, I have. And this wasn’t folded over or seamed at the bottom.

If anyone knows what I’m talking about, please feel free to post. If you don’t know, well, maybe you can help me find out.

Have you watched all of Amy’s cast on videos? Maybe what you are looking for is there. :slight_smile:

I’m probably not a GOOD enough knitter to really comment, since I have not been knitting for years and years… but I actually like the way the “wrong” side of the long tail cast-on looks for wide ribbing.

My commercially made sweaters with wide ribs appear to be using an adaptation of the tubular cast-on. Have you ever tried to come up with your own variation for wide ribbing?

In going through some VK mags this evening, I noticed that Meg Swanson discusses a cast-on suitable for varied knits and purls (ribbing) in the Spring/Summer 2005 issue. However, since I haven’t tried it myself, I can’t tell you what it looks like.