Casting on for own design?


I’ve been wanting to make my dd a cabled cardigan and just haven’t
found the right one so I’ve decided to just make up my own. I am
just starting from a basic pattern in st st and adding cable panels.
I know I need to swatch the cable panel and see how the gauge
differs and add extra sts to account for that. My question is this:
Should I cast on the base amount of stitches (if there were no
cables in the pattern) work the ribbing section and then increase
sts to account for the cables that will be starting after the ribbing or
just figure out how many additional sts I need to account for the cables and cast on that amount from the beginning? For some reason my brain just can’t get around this and I’m not even sure if it matters all that much :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!
Libbie :slight_smile:

The patterns that I’ve done which increase for the cables have you do the increases after the ribbing, on the cable set-up row.

Ok, I’ve been reading tons of cable patterns and have discovered
the answer to my own question :slight_smile: It seems to really depend on
what type of cabling you are doing and whether it grows from the
ribbing or is independent of it. Thanks for your reply!

Libbie :slight_smile: