Casting on for garter stitch

I see cast on for ribbing and stockinette on the Videos. What is the best cast on for the garter stitch? :thinking:

My cast ons always have bigger loops than i think it should have regardless how tight i cast on.


I always use the Double Cast-On.
As for the bigger loops, you mean the loops/stitches you have on the needle, right? You could cast on with a smaller needle and then switch to the bigger one.
But if you use the Double Cast-On you shouldn’t have that problem, cause you tighten the stitches.

Yesterday I actually came on the website to ask the same question about casting on for a garter stitch…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ANSWER…BUT now I have another question…if the pattern says to have 7 rows (4ridges) of garter stitch, does that mean that I do one less becuase I used the double cast on method and I already have a knitted row due to that??? I hope I am making sense!!! Help!

Yes, you got it right. If you use the double-cast-on you do one row less than the pattern tells you to do.

Thank you so much!!