Casting on for Afghan

This is the first afghan I am knitting. I casting on the stitches for it on a size 6 straight needle because with the number of stitches( almost 300) I know they will twist on the cable. I am using Peaches and Cream 4 ply 100% cotton. The reason for this is it is for my son and his girlfriend who live down in Key West. FL I promised to knit them one with beach colors to remind them of the beach when he transfers to his next duty station. He is in the US Navy. I am using a modified Feather and Fan pattern It has the pattern row of the decreases and yo K1 repeated again on Row 3 of the pattern. The pattern row is Rows 1 and 3 , Row 2 is purl and Rows 4-6 are Knit.
I plan to have stripes of colors every 3 or 4 repeats of the pattern in my MC, then 2 repeats of the colored yarn. It is also Peaches and Cream in ombre colors
When I get it finished I will post a picture of it.:wink:

Ack! I’d use size 9s with that yarn. It will still show the pattern and be about half a ton lighter. Well… somewhat lighter. The sts will twist for the first few rows with any yarn, then when there’s some length to it, will settle down. I’m sure it will look great when finished.

The size 6 needle is just because I had to use markers between stitch repeats to keep me from disaster. I am currently knitting the stitches off the straight needle onto a size 6 circular. The afghan will have 5 stitches of seed stitch on the sidesto keep it from curling. The afghan will have 12 repeats of the pattern across the width.

Go Go Go :knitting: :wink:

A progress report, I have gotten the 6 rows of the garter stitch for the border, with 5 stitches on each side in seed stitch to prevent curling then I started the pattern stitch.It is a variation of the 4 row Feather and Fan stitch. This variation has an extra 2 rows It repeats the ( k2tog ) 3 times, yo, K1 6 times,(SSK) 3 times first row . I do that row on rows 1 &3. Row 2 is a purl row and rows 4-6 are knit. I have 2 repeats of the pattern done.
I plan on having 15 repeats of the pattern stitch in the Main Color of white and then 5 pattern repeats of a Contrasting Color with 15 pattern repeats of the Main color between each Contrast Color.The pattern shows up nicely on a size 7 needle which is what I have.

An update
I am starting on the 9th pattern repeat. So the length is already 9 inches when measured from the needle down to the bottom of the garter stitch border.

I changed the plan for the striped field and white border since the yarns kept getting tangled up. I had three different balls of yarn since I had twwo borders in one color, the stripe in the cc. So guess what, I wasfrogging it for 2 rows and then when I got back to the row with my main yarn, I cut it and attached the color and started to. So the side borders are going to be striped too.

Hang in there! You’re gonna need lots of “Stick-to-it-tiveness” for this one! How long are you gonna make it???

Sounds great. Can’t wait to see it. Please post a link to an FO report link here so we can get an emailed notice when you do :wink:

I am going to make to 50 -60 inches long. I don’t how wide it will be until I take it off the needle since it is bunched up on the needle. So far I have 14 1/2 inches - 15 inches knitted so far.In the interior of the curving bottom it is 14 1/2 inches and on the outer curve it is 15 inches.
The first stripe of color is lots of shades of blue. I used ombre colors for the stripes.It took a full 2 oz ball to make 3 pattern repeats. I plan another pattern repeat and then I will break the colored yarn off and attach the white back and knit 10 pattern repeats before the next stripe of color. That one will be shades of yellow. After the yellow will be another 10 repeats of white and then shades of green. I will make at least 2 color strips of each color I think. I just have to wait and see. I have to purchase more of the colors since it is going to take a full 2 oz ball and part of another for each stripe of color. I purchased 3 balls of each color to start with.

When it is finished I will post it in the FO thread. it may take me a couple of months to knit it, I hope to have it finished by Christmas.

Sounds like it’ll be very nice! You can actually figure fairly close by holding a ruler or tape measure on the knit side and count the stitches within 4" and divide them by 4. This is your sts per inch.
This will give you guage and if you’ve got (for example) 4.5 sts per inch- divide the total number you’ve got on the needles by 4.5 and your answer is how wide it will be. Say you cast on 288 sts… divided by 4.5 = 64" Now you can actually find out how wide or close to how wide it will be when completed!!

A progress report on the afghan. I have started on the last repeat of the white section of the pattern and once the ten repeats are finished , I just have to knit 6 rows for my border. Then I can bind off.

What I’ve been curious about is if it’s really heavy. I’ve never enjoyed working with that yarn as it makes my hands hurt a lot, but I’ve seen some really pretty things knit up in it.

It is a little heavy considering the lengrh of it. Right now it is almost as long as I am tall and I am 5’ 6"’ I used just one 4 pattern repeat stripe of each color with a 10 pattern repeat between each color.

I am having to tink back over 6 rows to correct a mistake. I discovered I made a mistake that had me knitting the pattern row on the wrong side for the last 6 rows. So I will not get this finished by Sat like I had hoped to. Wish me speed on this.

I corrected the mistake and reknitted the 6 rows but now the pattern below the mistake has a little longer part between the garter rideges than the other pattern repeats. It looks like I did two extra stockinette rows but I don’t remember doing that many. But I am going to leave it since it really isn’t detracting from the design.

I have three more repeats and then the 6 garter rows to do and I will be finished.3 times 6 = 18 rows and 18 + 6 =24 rows left till I am finished.

I have finished the afghan tonight! Now I have to take a picture of it and upload it to my computer and resize it before posting it here.

I finally finished the afghan.
I will try to upload a picture if I can resize it to fit