Casting on for a hat

I don’t know why, but my last few attempts to make a simple hat have gone wrong. The hat is either too big, or too small.

How do you knot how many stitches to cast on for a hat, done in the round. All I want is a 1 inch rib, then stockinette. Ultra simple, but I cannot get it right.

Please help,

Here is the perfect site for knitting simple hats with any yarn or needles.

Ingrid you are FAST!

I think that article will solve my problem. :muah:

and if you want a laugh while you read the formula…here is another person explaining it…

I was all over Crazy Aunt Purl’s site last night, figured she had a formula, but didn’t see it. Thanks for the chuckle…she really does crack me up :lol: