Casting on for 2 colors

Okay, so this may be a completely obvious question, but I’m trying to knit with two colors for the first time using the stranding method. How do I cast-on to start this type of knitting? I am not supposed to start the second color until the third row and then I switch colors every third row. Do I need to cast-on both colors to start with?

Thanks so much!

Of course as soon as I posted my question, I realized the obvious answer. Since the new color starts on the third row, I’m just going to join it in using a duplicate stitch join. Ha ha! I think I might need to stop knitting cables and try some multicolored pieces.

I’ve found that it often happens when I type/write things down, that the answer is found as I’m doing it :wink: …musing aloud as it were :smiley: