casting on extra stitches for sock pattern


I’ve started a pair of plain socks using a fairly standard pattern (Patons sock handbook), using 3 needles and I wanted to up the maximum size of the pattern to accomodate my ahem chunkier than normal calves :slight_smile:
So I cast on 52 stitches rather than the 48 specified. I’ve ribbed the cuff (2 x 2) and knitted the leg portion. After saving the two needles for the instep, I’ve completed the heel flap in a slip 1P, K1 tight rib using just 2 needles.

Now the question pops up. I’m about to shape the heel using short rows and was wondering how to incorporate my extra stitches into each of the 10 rows needed to shape the heel. Is there a general principle at play for a situation like this to account for extra stitches for the heel needle?

I have my 2 instep needles each holding onto 13 stitches and have 26 stitches on the main heel needle where the shaping takes place for a total of 52 stitches. The pattern specified 48 stitches to cast on and at this point - if I were following the largest size in the pattern, it would be 12 each for the instep needles and 24 for the main heel needle.

Would this difference even cause an issue if I were to just follow the heel shaping short row portion of the pattern, and ignore the extra 2 stitches on the heel needle?

Thanks in advance!


You could just incorporate the 2 extra heel sts into the short rows for the heel turn. I think the size shouldn’t be that different but if it is, the place to lose the 4 extra sts will be after the leg portion and before the heel flap.
Enjoy finishing up the sock!