Casting on extra for sleeves- conundrum!

Hello, Gurus :slight_smile:

I am hesitant to ask this, for fear I’ve missed something patently obvious, but here goes.

I am making this sweater (my second ever):

and have reached the point where I am casting on 40 stitches at beginning of next two rows, for sleeves. I did so, and am bothered by the fact that my first (right) sleeve has one more row than the other, since it was worked twice in the two-row process. Did I err? Is this fixable?

Thanks in advance

…this belongs in a different thread…trying to fix!

It’s okay that for now one sleeve has an extra row, that’ll be the first one you cast off as you knit the other one so they both end up with the same number of rows.

Which forum did you want this in? I can move it for you.

I was thinking the Help section- but if it’s ok here, that’s fine…

…and, thank you- it was obvious, but I’m a little panicky because I want this project perfect


There’s ‘perfect’ in knitting? News to me…

I’m a Capricorn…it’s my curse!

Thanks again…I am about to post another question now…

I thought Virgos were nit-picky perfectionists…