Casting on existing stitches

I’m knitting a one piece baby sweater. After finishing the back the instructions say to cast on for the sleeves. Do I bind off the stitches on the back and cast on the stitches on the bind off stitches on the back of the sweater or what is the technique for casting on the stitches on the needle.

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If the instructions tell you to bind off the back then bind off those sts.
Do the instructions ask you to cast on for the sleeves or pick up sts?
You can quote exactly a row or two of the directions here. Don’t quote a large portion of the pattern as that can cause copyright problems.
Can you give us the name of the pattern or a link to it?


Thank you for your quick response. Below are the copy of the back of the sweater and then the beginning of the sleeves. It’s the first instruction of the sleeves that I wasn’t sure of.



With circular needle, cast on 52(56-58-60) sts. DO NOT join.

Establish Pat St: Row 1 (RS): K11(13-14-15), place marker, work Row 1 of Pat St over 30 sts, place marker, k to end.

Row 2: P to first marker, work Row 2 of Pat St to last marker, p to end. Work even in pat as established until piece measures 7(71⁄2-8-81⁄2)" from beg, end on WS.


Cast on 38(40-43-45) sts at beg of the next 2 rows - 128(136-144-150) sts.

You need to cast on sts using a cast on like the knit or cable cast on. Here’s a couple of videos to show you how. (They both seem to take time to load but be patient.)

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Again thank you for your expedient response and below links.

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that was really helpful! thank you ver much! i appreciate it a lot!
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