Casting on debacle

I was watching the video on doing the Continental cast on…(there was another name for it but my brain doesn’t recall it) Oh it’s the long tail method.It’s the kind where you use one needle and your other hand to cast on. I kind of got the idea…MOST of the time it looks ok but I’m having a problem, often 2 stitches will end up on the needle and there is about an inch long piece of yarn between the stitches preceding and the ones I just cast on. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…I watched the video about 20 times and still don’t see where I’m going wrong. Any suggestions?

Ivenever heard of long tail called continental cast on. :?? Long tail does put two stitches on the first time,but only one after that. And it should not leave a gap between cast on stitches.

Are you watching the video here in Knitting Help? Try looking at this page I linked to. It’s got both video and still pictures which should help you diagnose your problem.

Thank you…this video is more clear than the other one I watched. I think I can do it now

When I do long tail cast on I start with only one stitch. I guess there’s a bazillion ways to do just about anything.

Make sure your new loop is where you want it then snug up the tail yarn. You can loosen up a ltco just by how you space the loops on the needle. This video is probably too much info right now but if you can wade through it she really explains how the long tail cast on works. I don’t cast on the way she does, I do it the way you said you did with the yarn in my left hand.

Thanks Grandma for the video link.
I did watch the whole thing and I think her method may be a little easier but I don’t want to confuse myself. Let me master the other way first. It does seem that there is a wealth of videos and tutorials to help me.

I don’t cast on the way Cheryl does, I don’t think I’ve even tried. What I found useful was the things she pointed out about the cast on. It helped me a lot. It even helped me solve a tension problem I was having as a Continental knitter that English knitters would probably never encounter.

Enjoy you knitting. Once you get this figured out you’ll never have to do it again.

GG do you use a slip knot? I don’t so maybe that’s why I get two stitches the first time.

i did the slip knot version of long-tail when i first started, and one of my main issues was having it stay put, and then it affected the tension/gauge. since then i do the 2-in-1 for the first stitch, it’s just easier, and cleaner for me.


No, I don’t use a slip knot. I saw another way to do it when I wanted to drop the knot and for whatever reason it worked for me and I just wasn’t getting the hang of the way that starts with two stitches on the needle. I recently came across a tip to twist it twice and have a nicer end stitch and it seems to work. I don’t think you can do that with the one that gives you two stitches. I have seen the way I do it hundreds of times in videos but do you think I can find one now? I stick the needle under the yarn on (I think) the other side from how the 2 stitcher is done and then turn it counter clockwise so it’s in position for casting on. Maybe that makes sense. It might be as clear as mud.

I’ve tried the slip knot cast on. Couldn’t get it to work. Maybe it’s sour grapes but I decided it was just a more difficult way to get going. I’ve decided that more difficult isn’t always better. If it works for you - WONDERFUL!!!

OK. I have watched three videos about ten times each…studied the stills…and I have resolved one of my problems…but still–no matter what I do, I’m getting two stitches each time and the bottom of the row does not have all those nice little “V’s”…WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??? I know you can’t tell me unless you were to watch me do it but if anyone has any suggestions, throw them my way.

The long tail cast on is going to give you either purl bumps on one side or an overlapping line of crossed yarn on the other side. It won’t give you a line of Vs at the cast on edge.
This video is meant to show you the difference in the cast on rather than as a recommendation for another long tail method.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this video but Amy explains that the long tail is basically a thumb loop cast on with a stitch knit through that loop. If you’re getting two sts each time you’re probably catching another strand of yarn somehow. Think of it as a knit stitch into the thumb loop and perhaps that’ll help.

Thank you. I have put the needles away now…had exhausted my patience. I will try your idea of thinking of it as a knit stitch on the thumb. I think my problem lies with my treatment of my forefinger. SOmehow I’m catching a strand there that I shouldn’t. Thanks for the links I will check them out.

You [I]will[/I] get this to work. Giving it a break for the moment is a good idea. Whether you slog your way through or have an Aha! moment, you’ll get there.

Thank you for the help and encouragement

Try another cast on like the knitted cast on. That is sometimes easier for beginners.

Thank you for the suggestion Jan. Yes, I already know other methods of casting on. I just liked the way this one looked so I wanted to learn another method.

So the last time I watched the video on this casting method I had a feeling…like it suddenly made sense to me. This morning I watched the video one more time then got out my needle and yarn…and Lo and Behold, I DID IT!! NO hesitation…no problems…Like I’d done it my whole life. I couldn’t even recall what it was that had given me such a problem. Thank you alll for your support and help. Now, I’ve got a hat to make!!

Left to itself the brain figures these things out and there you go. Delighted!

Good for you! I love those moments when it finally just works.