Casting on count

So, I cast on like in the video here (Long Tail Cast On) but when I do the very first maneuver to get the first stitch on, it leaves me with 2 loops over my needle (stitches) however… Does this count as 2? So, if I have to cast on 24 total, is it just 22 more… or am I doing something wrong?

I see in the video, she has 2 loops left over the needle, too. Just need it cleared up.


Thank you!

Yes, that’s 2 sts, you have to have some kind of loop over the needle to get started, whether it’s just laying the yarn over it or using a slipknot. Count all the loops on the needle including the first one.

Yes that counts as 2 stitches. There are so many ways to do the long tail cast on… some people make a slip knot as she mentions in the video, she just goes under the yarn to form her 1st stitch, I do a twist, coming in from the back. There is no RIGHT or WRONG, you do what ever is comfortable for you, but count each stitch on your needle and that is the amount of stitches you have to start your pattern.
Here is a link to how I start my Long tail cast on… the rest of the video may or may not help you.