Casting on at beg of row

Hi Everyone!

Can someone explain to me or send me a link of a video explaining how to cast on stitches at the beginning of a row. I tried to do it the conventional way (as demonstrated by Amy) but can’t seem to get it right. Any ideas?


Not sure what the vid shows as my sys is too slow to view but with sts on left ndl, insert right needle either into first st on left ndl OR between first and second sts and wrap yarn (as if to K). Pull st thru and slide it onto left ndl knitwise. Repeat until you have the desire no of add’l sts.


Thanks for that Cam…I was looking at the cable cast-on video which I still can’t do. Your way sounds a bit like it but I don’t think it is the same. Thanks again!


I do it like this as well and it works great! Good luck, Mary