Casting on and twisted stitches?


I’m new to knitting and there’s something I just can’t figure out: I can cast on using the backward loop without difficulty, but it seems as though my stitches always face the wrong way. I’ve learnt that the RIGHT leg of the stitch should always be “in front”. But when I cast on it’s just the opposite. It’s not something I’m doing wrong, because I see that in the tutorials of this cast-on method, the right leg is always in front. But there’s no mention of the stitches facing the wrong way. Also, I’ve noticed that the FIRST stitch of this initial row can’t be knitted towards the back. Odd.

I just can’t figure it out.

I’ve experimented with another way of casting on which I came to on my own, and then I’ve had my stitches all lined up the “right” way.

Could someone explain this to me? Thanks!!

First lesson… use any other cast on method than backward loop! It’s only good for a few stitches at a time like under the arm or a thumb gusset. It creates this big long thread at the end of your cast on sometimes and there is nothing you can do to fix that, but start over. So that out of the way… If you really must try it and your cast on stitches are twisted just knit into the back loop and it untwists it.

My preferred method is long tail, but the knitted cast on or cable cast on are good, too.

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Look at the top of the page and click Videos. There you will find a video for just about anything a new knitter needs to know. There are various cast on videos that you might find particularly useful. I avoid backward loop cast on like the plague. At the very best it’s a pita. Happy knitting.