Casting on and knitting with multiple colors

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Hopefully someone can help me out :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a newish knitter that has never done any colorwork before (other then row changes). I’m in the middle of this:

I’ve made hat body, but am somewhat stuck on the ears. I have a few questions. When I cast on the is there something I should be doing to join the 2 colored sections together (not just on the cast on, but as the ear pieces progress). Should these 2 pieces be joined at one seam somehow or am I essentially knitting 2 separate parts at the same time?

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When you work two colors like this, you have to twist where the two colors join, or you [I]will [/I]end up with two separate panels.

The easiest way to do this is to hold the yarn you’re stopping over to the left on top of the strand that’s hanging and you’re about to use.
This way the two colors automatically twist.

If you need a visual, Amy has video on switching colors.

Look for ‘intarsia’–that’s what this type of color knitting is called.

I am new here, who is Amy and where can I find the video? Thanks


Amy is the wonderful woman who started this site; her husband Sheldon is the cool dude who keeps it running.

There are many videos to access, you can get to them on the home page and in the Glossary section.

The one for intarsia is here:

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