Casting on after the 16th row of a project

The pattern I’m working on is a baby blanket.

I didn’t copy the pattern itself because I’m reasonably sure that is illegal. The first few lines of the pattern read:

Cast on 11 sts. Keep first and last sts as selvage, work 16 rows of eyelet panel over center 9 sts. (I’m not going to copy the eyelet panel as that is not what I need help with.

Next Row(WS) [B]Cast on 9 sts and work as foll: 1 selvage st, row 1 of eyelet panel over next 9 sts, k9 (for rev St st block, 1 selvage st - 20 sts.[/B]

I can’t figure out how to cast on those additional 9 stitches. If anyone has any tips or advice, please let me know. I’d like to get more of a start on this tonight, but if I have to I’ll go to my local yarn shop and beg help there tomorrow.

You are correct that it’s against copyright to put the whole pattern, but it’s always okay to just type the few lines as you’ve done. You can also post a link if the pattern is online. :thumbsup:

The cast ons used most often in the middle of your work are backward loop or cable cast on. Both of these are demonstrated in the videos under Cast On at the top of the page.

From the picture of the blanket, it looks like you make the one square in the corner, then add squares to each side as you go diagonally across the blanket. At it’s widest point you’ll start binding off after each row of squares.

For casting on 9 stitches, I’d probably use a cable or knit cast on. I don’t really like backward loop when there are that many (9) to cast on. What type of cast on did you use at the very beginning? You can use the same one now.

Justs move the needle with the existing stitching into your left hand. Cast on the stitches at the end of that row. Then proceed with the instructions: [B]1 selvage st, row 1 of eyelet panel over next 9 sts, k9 (for rev St st block, 1 selvage st - 20 sts[/B]

I’ll guess the next row will tell you to cast on 9 stitches on the other side. And then, after completing these three new blocks, you’ll do the casting on at each side to add 2 more blocks to the row.