Casting on additional stitches

I’m working on a hat, made on circular needles. The instructions call for several short rounds to be knitted before joining the work, then it says to cast on 26 stitches (giving you a total of 72), then join the round.

I’m still a beginner, and I’ve never cast on stitches other than at the beginning of the pattern. I normally use the long-tail cast on method.

Can someone explain the best way to do this?


Usually backward loop has been recommended for sweaters that I’ve had to cast on extra stitches for. I’m sure there’s a video for it. If, by chance, the hat is two colors, you could use long tail.

If you’re not comfortable with trying backloop (its easy) you could attach another strand and do long tail if you prefer.

Whenever I have to add stitches with a cast-on, I use the knitting-on method – “Knit 1, leaving stitch on left needle. Transfer new stitch onto left needle by slipping it knit-wise.” It’s so simple and very easy to knit from. :thumbsup:
English video here

Continental video here