Casting on a stitch in the middle of a project


I am working on a baby sweater. On one row, I knit or purl 2 together. On the next row, above that previous decrease, it says to cast on one stitch. How do I do this?

You can do a backwards loop (or e) CO, or knit it on.

Is that essentially the same as a yarn over to purl?
Thank you so much for your help.

Yes you can YO before/after you do the k/p 2 tog and on the next row work it through the back loop.

Can I further this question? I am knitting a baby sweater too. In a ribbed section, I bind off one where the button hole will be and then am supposed to cast one on above that in the next row. Everywhere else in the pattern, it says to YO when it wants a YO, so now I’m wondering if I can YO for this cast-on or if there is something else. What is the backwards loop method of casting on?

Here is a video link to C/O with work in progress

That video was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Dear Kurango, I don’t know who you are but I am immensely grateful for your web link for “casting on in the middle of a row”. After watching it a few times I could master it. These videos are my saving grace! Karen

Thanks Kurango for the video showing me how to cast on in the middle of a project. I lost my best knitting advisor, my mother, about 6 months ago; and I didn’t know how I was going to get my knitting problems resolved. I turned to to the internet and I am so happy to have found this sight. The video was just what I needed.:muah:

My condolences in the loss of your mother and expert knitting adviser.

Welcome to KH; glad you found this site! If you’re able to describe a problem, someone here can help you with the solution. Perhaps knowing that will take some of the trepidation out of knitting!