Casting on a large # stitches

I am a beginner who has been knitting approx 1 month.
I have casted on as many as 30 stitches for my projects on size 15 needle … but how do you cast on 50 or more stitches w/o losing your loops? I use stitch markers to divide by 10’s but how do I CO this many stitches without losing them?
Thanks t

I’m assuming that you mean that you’re having trouble fitting any more stitches on the needle.

Instead of using straight needles, you can use circular needles and knit back and forth on them. It effectively gives you longer needles.

I tried size 15 circular needles but I had difficulites because I felt like I was knitting into knots. Is there a tutorial on this site to help me get familiar with them… thanks for your reply

Maybe you’re casting on too tight? They really won’t fall off the needles if you make them looser. Just take your time.


I’m not sure what you mean by ‘losing’ them. :??

Yes, that’s my question as well…do you mean they are falling off the back of your needle or do you mean you’re losing track of the count?

I mean they are falling off the needle and I cant retrieve them… I tried and I (again) felt like I was knitting into knots…maybe I can try CO very loosely…

Try casting on a larger needle, then switch back to your pattern needle…perhaps you should go up 2 sizes if you’re having this much trouble making the stitch.

Hang in there…you will develop a technique.


Oh. What kind of cast on are you using? Long tail, knitted, cable…


What kind of needles are you using? Is it at all possible that you’re using double-pointed needles (DPNs) and that the stitches are falling off the back end as you cast on more stitches??

Oy! Where’s the lightbulb going on emoticon? Or maybe it’s a short circular needle?


It sounds like you are using double pointed needles? I hate those things
and mine are metal too so they are extra slippery.

If you need to cast on more stitches than a ‘regular’ knitting needle will
allow, you can use the circular needles but I think you already said you
tried that. I myself do not like the extra long needles (that have a
stopper at one end) because they take up so much room in my lap
and I have to hold my arms away from my body.

The problem I had with the cicurlar needles is when I would try and move the stitches off the connecting part (don’t know what it is called). It seems
the stitches shrank and would not go back onto the needle part so I could
knit them.

I like the knit on cast on but it is a bit time consuming. I don’t
think I cast on too tight but maybe I do?

So, can you purchase a size larger ciculars along with the size you want
to knit with and cast on using the larger size? If your budget doesn’t
allow, I totally understand :slight_smile:

This is fun and frustrating. Keep practicing and keep posting your ?'s
on this great forum.

I have a medium tension and seldom have trouble with stitches getting hung up at the join, so you may be knitting tight stitches. And different needles will have different joins too. I have one that has an extra bump or something and I have problems with that one, but not the others usually.