Casting on 6 sts + 1

I found a snowflake knit pattern that I am trying to make into a blanket pattern. I am unsure of how many to cast on if I would want to do somewhere btw 80-90 sts?

You’ll need 6 or 8 sts for a border too, so if you take 90 - 6 - 1 that’s 83 sts which doesn’t divide by 6, but 84 does, so you can do 91 sts, or 85 or 97. If you want a 4 st border on both sides, you’d do the same. Take 6 times how many repeats - 12, 13 or 14, add 1 then add the 8 sts for a border.

Any 6+1 pattern can be worked over 7,13,19,25st…73,79,85sts. Then you add any border you want, so 2 times (for both sides) whatever. I like odd numbered borders for some reason.

A great opportunity to play with patterns. This is part of what makes knitting fun. Coming up with your own designs.