Casting on 180 stitches

Hello everyone, I need to cast on 180 stitches. S
o far I know 2 methods of casting on. One of them is for the twisted type stitch so I won’t use that and the other is the long tail cast on. I have a heck of a time trying to figure out how much yarn to pull out with long tail. Is there another cast on method that I should use to cast on 180 stitches?

What twisted type of CO are you talking about? If it’s the knit or cable cast on, there’s a couple different ways to put the new sts on your needle so you can work into them without ktbl. These are easiest for a lot of sts; with a long tail CO, use 2 ends of yarn, one for the thumb and one for the loop around the needle, then cut the thumb yarn when you have the right amount cast on.

You can knot either the center yarn and outside yarn together and put those over your fingers and do long tail w/o having to worry about pulling enough yarn. You can also use two different skeins to do it. This will require weaving in an extra end, but it’s worth it when when you have to cast on a lot of stitches.

The cast on my friend taught me was to attach the slip knot near the end of the yarn, wrap a loop around your thumb and then pick up the loop. I was knitting European style. Inserting the needle down through the back loop. When I tried this cast on method for English style, the single loops on the needle kept on moving and slipping when I went to knit the first row giving it an extremely messy edge. Once I got a a couple of rows done it seemed to be much more stable. Because the cast on worked fine with the European method I figured that I needed to do a different cast on for English method so I learned the long tail cast on from the video here. The loops on the needle are more secure right form the start. I was wondering if I could do the other cast on for 180 stitches and then after the first row knit through the back loop. the pattern starts out ribbed i believe then goes to stockinette stitch

I will watch the video you recommended, but for now I am in a poker game lol

Oh that one’s called the backward loop CO not a european one, and it can be very loose and loopy no matter how you knit into it. It’s the thumb part of the Long tail, but if you use it for more than a few sts it does get messy and you end up with long strands of yarn between sts so it’s not a good one for starting a project. I have used it when I wanted a loose CO to pick up sts in, but I only CO about 2/3 the number of sts and made the other ones from the yarn loops as I knit the first row.

Try the knit or cable CO, just don’t pull the yarn really tight so they stay a little stretchy. Videos on the Cast on page.

I only use backward loop for things like underarms where you just need a few stitches. Not even then much anymore, I prefer knitted on or cable for those situations. The main cast on i almost always use long tail.

Yeah! I successfully cast on 180 stitches using the Knitting On Method. I found it pretty easy and the stitches are nice and even. Now to begin my very first knitted tank! Well maybe just a row or 2 tonight anyway. Thanks to all for the information provided. There is no way I could have done this without this forum. I am sure I would have given up long ago if I had only books without video and without quick accurate feed back. You guys are awesome!