Casting off

Hi, I posted in one of the other forums and one of the ladies who responded suggesting I posted my query/problem here. I’ve copied hereunder what I put in that other forum. I mentioned ‘sewing’ in my post and I meant running a piece of yarn in and out (just like one sews) and tightening the loose cast off that way. I’m trying to understand the kitchener approach but that’s still evading me a little :slight_smile: Most of the ladies who responded in the other forum said their problem was tight casting off and mine is the opposite. So, here was my original post (I now understand you US folk also say “cast off” too :slight_smile:

Hi. I’m writing from Australia. I find this site absolutely amazing in terms of it’s help and guidance. You refer to ‘binding off’ but here we tend to say “casting off”. My problem is that when I case off that edge become really quite loose. I have tried casting off in a lower size needle but it still doesn’t help. I’m currently making a quite large mohair toddler’s blanket in a modified moss stitch (2 rows K, P, K, P etc and then 2 rows P, K, P, K…) using 5mm needles which I think are 7 1/2 or 8 in US size. So, its softer and looser than a tight knit. I’m worried about casting off and having a very loose ‘end’. In the past on smaller items I’ve had to sew and bind in ends with the same yarn as I’ve used to make the item but since I keep having this problem I thought I’d seek your advice. My knitting itself is very even in tension so the best I can thinking of doing is to work the last couple of rows in a smaller needle but this item has taken me a long time to complete and I don’t want to ruin it. I’d love any tips readers can offer.

I wanted to add that I’ve tried going to the smaller needle just for the cast off itself but perhaps I should knit one row with the smaller needle before casting off and that may work better…??

I have trouble on every item I make with the cast off being too loose so matter whether it’s a scarf I made out of 8 ply or something thicker or smaller in ply.

Yep, that should do it!

Thanks Conti knitter. I will make up a sample swatch and try this out and see how it works. I see you have a ‘stash’ emblem. I went to a closing down sale last year and bought many balls of yarn but probably not enough to make a vest or similar. One lot is undyed. When I complete this latest job I’ll come back and ask about potential patterns! Hope you’re all having a good easter.