Casting off

What do you do when you’re left with one loop on the needle.

I’m trying to finish my scarf, so I started to cast off, but I’'m now left with one loop and don’t know what to do with it…

I have 18 loops in all…am I supposed to have an odd number of these to perfecly cast off?

Nope, you’ll always end up with one stitch left after casting off. What you do is cut the working yarn, thread it through a tapestry needle. Then, pull the tapestry needle through the left over loop (and take the knitting needle out). Pull the yarn from the tapesty needle tight and weave in the end into the knitting project.

for a neater edge (especially on a scarf or something that isn’t going to have the edge hidden in a seam.

cast off till you have one stitch.
stich the tip of right needle into the stitch below last cast off stitch (on the side–
________(cast off edge, with last stitch pulled to outside edge

Stick right needle into side edge of red stitch–and 'pick up (knit) a stitch
Cross the last cast off stitch over this made stitch, then cut yarn and thread yarn through the made stitch, and pull snug…

much neater ending to the cast off!

I feel like I learn something new everytime I log onto this forum :muah: