Casting off

Hello, can somebody help me please. I’m making some sandals for my baby, and I’ve attached a photo of the stage I have reached in the pattern. Also a photo of my knitting. I am at the point of making the front strap.

I have just been through the “Work 6cm in st st on these 4 sts only for the front strap”. It then says on the pattern, as you can see, “Cast off”.
(1) I have assumed that means cast of those 4 stitches only. Is that right?
(2) If so, now that I have cast off 3 of the 4 stitches how do I cast off the final one?

Thank you for your help in advance!

To cast off the last stitch just remove it from the needle and thread your yarn through the hole leaving enough excess yarn to weave in the end

And yes, it means only those 4 sts.

I’m so sorry. I’m still not sure what to do. So I have cast off (I think) but I am left with the final stitch on my meddle - which is attached to the sandal strap. When you say “Thread your yarn through the hole” do you mean the yarn with the ball at the end? Am I meant to be cutting off the ball of yarn at any point to cast off?

Then, once I get cast off, how would I “rejoin yarn at base of strap”?

Thank you both very much for helping me,

Take the last stitch that you removed from the needle and the yarn you were using and pull the yarn through the loop of the last stitch then cut the yarn leaving approximately 6 inches to weave in later… When you go to rejoin also leave approximately inches to weave in later and begin your row using this new ball of yarn, you will as I said weave in the tail later. I hope that helps because I am not sure what you mean when you say “How would I rejoin yarn at base of strap”

Yes, you’re going to cut the yarn from the ball and pull the yarn end through the last stitch to fasten off. When you cut the yarn leave about 6" as Trisha suggested so that you can weave in the end.

To rejoin the yarn, just hold the yarn tail, again about 6" along side the left or right needle, which ever is easier. Begin knitting with the yarn coming from the ball of yarn as usual. The first stitch or so may be a bit loose but you can always snug it up after several stitches.

Thank you so much for your help! So much appreciated and the video helped me too. I’ve now successfully cast off!
I’m now stuck though with the next step - which is:

“With right side facing, rejoin yarn at base of strap, k up 12 sts along side edge of strap. Turn and cast off knitwise all sts at this side of strap.
Rejoin yarn to top of other side of strap, k up 12 sts along side edge of strap, then k rem 20 sts. Cast off knitwise”

This photo is where I am up to. I have 20 sts on each needle…


Are you doing a normal cast off each off the 20 sts or do they want you to do a 3 needle co?

You’re going to pick up (starting at the base of the strap) and knit 12sts on the side of the strap, turn and cast off the same 12sts and the 20sts on the needle, then cut the yarn leaving a 6 inch tail. This widens the strap a bit. Next pick up 12 sts at the other side of the strap starting at the tip of the strap. Keep knitting along the 20 sts at the side of the sandal, then turn and cast off the 20 + 12sts.

Are these the Debbie Bliss sandals?
ETA: If so there’s errata noted on the Rav page. I’ve edited the above to take that into account.

When you say ‘pick up’ the 12 sts, does that mean I go through 12 which are already on one of the needles? (which each have 20 on them already)… or do you mean something else. I’m not sure where the 12 sts are located…(!) sorry.
I’m really not understanding these next few steps…
Yes they are the Debbie Bliss sandals - how did you know?

I’ve outlined where you want to pick up sts along the straps and then continue with the 20sts on the same side. Pick up the sts with the RS (right side or public side) of the strap facing. Here’s a video for picking up sts.

You’re not the first person to be confused about these bootees which are darling. Your knitting looks lovely!