Casting off too tight?

On the end of most of my knits, are smaller and the cast on side. I can’t figured out what I’m doing to make them like this. Am i pulling the stitches too tight when casting off? Help!

It’s easy to cast off too tightly. When I knit the next stitch after putting one off the needle, I give the loop a little extra tug with my needle to make it a bit looser.

You can also use a larger needle to bind off. It will make the stitches bigger and therefore looser.

Here’s my new favourite method of casting off, which keeps me from casting off too tightly.

K2tog, pass new stitch back to the left needle. Repeat until you’re out of stitches.

Simple and effective! And I find I can get into a really comfortable rhythm doing it, but that’s probably just me.

I usually use a bigger needle, too.

Bigger needle user here too! :waving:

I’ll have to give that a try! Thanks for the tip!

Thanks everyone!! I’m about to finish a scarf for my dad and I didn’t want it to look like crap because I cast off too tightly. :XX: