casting off problem

I am new to knitting and have just finished a simple blanket. I have cast off using the icelandic method using a u tube video. However, I have messed up and still have some stitches left on at the beginning of the row.
I don’t want to try and pick up all the stitches I have successfully cast off really because I think it would be too difficult. I am not over bothered about how the finished product looks but wondered if there was a way to cast off the few stitches I have left. PS there is no length of wool at the problem end.
Many thanks in advance if you can please help.

If you really are not too bothered with the finished look you could rejoin the yarn to the remaining stitches and cast them off independently to the rest. Maybe if you work inwards from the edge, you can use this tail to join onto the already cast off stitches to reduce the gap and help tidy up the look of it.
Other than tinking back the cast off to redo it, I can’t think what else you could try to secure those remaining stitches.
Hope this helps in some way
Good Luck

Join your wool and with a similar sized hook, crochet a SC (US or DC UK) edge.