Casting off on circular?

I just finished the knitting portion of my booga bag. Now I’m supposed to cast off and I’m freaking out!! :shock: Do I follow the same directions as a usual cast off or is there something else I need to do to cast off of a circular needle? Help please. I’m going to leave it alone until I get some response.


You cast off as you always do…

I just casted-off from circs for the first time myself…how FUNNY that I had the same twinge of “does this work the same”??

Thanks Kelly! I’ll give it a go.


I’ve heard a lot of mention about a “booga bag” on the forum, but I haven’t seen a pic. What kind of bag is it? Is there a link to the pattern?

Holly This is the link to the booga bag pattern. It is in the free patterns section of this website.

oooo – pretty bag! However, I was puzzled just reading the instructions!! do you cast off from the main piece and then pick up stitches? How do you pick up stitches if the piece is still on the circs? Hmmm – maybe it is one of those patterns that make more sense as you actually do the knitting.


It does make more sense as you’re knitting it. Before you pick up the stitches, even though you’re using circular needles, you’re knitting flat. So you pick up stitches as normal and THEN you start knitting in the round. My problem was figuring out HOW/Where to start to pick up the stitches but then I figured it out.

I did the cast off and it went great. Kind of cool how it happens on a circular, actually. Now I’m onto the i-cord and it’s going well, although slowly. I’m nervous about the actual felting process.