Casting off in pattern

I always have trouble with this…I have to cast off 4 stitches in pattern, but the knit pattern is a 4 stitch repeat + 3. So, If I am casting off on a k2*yfwd, s1, k1, psso, rep from * or a K1 *k2tog, yfwd rep from *, how exactly do I do that? Doesn’t it mess up the pattern on successive rows?

You’ll have to start at the 5th st in because you’ve decreased the edge by 4 sts. And that 5th st will actually be knit to bind off the 4th st, so you really begin on the 6th st of the pattern.

The normal row starts - k2*yfwd, s1, k1, psso, rep from * - the k2, and skp would use up the first 4 sts and leave 4 sts but you can’t begin the row with the YO. You would have the st on your needle from casting off but you don’t want to count it as the sl st and decrease more. It would probably be best to just to work 2 knit sts then I think you can do the repeat - yo, skp, and work across the row.