Casting off in circular

When casting off a circular knitting project (a pair of longies, for instance), I’m left with a gap between the first cast off stitch and the last cast off stitch. How do I close the gap? I would love to see a photo tutorial if anyone knows where I can find one. TIA!

Yes-- in my knitting, it looks more like a “jog”, and I get it both where I originally cast on and then when I cast off. What I do is just take the tail and pull the 2 bits tight together and tack it (the tail) down on the inside in a way which pulls it all together and evens it out. You have to fiddle with it a tiny bit but it’s not hard.

I don’t know of any tutorials on this, sorry.

When I bind off the last stitch, I pick up another from the center of the first on I bound off and pass the last loop over it, then pull the tail through and to the WS and thread it through the other stitches. You don’t notice the offset stitch and it evens out the edge.

Sorry, but what is WS? Thanks! I’m going to try this next time!

WS = wrong side, Rs = right side.

Oh, of course! Thanks! Can’t wait to get to the end of my longies to try this method!