Casting Off final loop

This is a very silly question. My casting off is done, but on my needle remains one loop of a scarf. Should I pull out my needle and knot it with just my hands? This scarf shall be done after this.

Just thread your live end through the loop, weave in the end and your done! Congrats on your project.

What’s my live end? Does it mean “not detached” part of bound off yarn? Is it the remaining thread which is loose? Sorry,
… By the way, thank you, for the nice congratulations. What do “weave” mean? Sorry,

Cut off your yarn a few inches from the last stitch. Now you have a `live end’ or tail. Weaving in means threading the tail through the nearby stitches so it’s not sticking out.

Is cutting off of the loose thread and pulling of it through the loop the same thing?

They mean cut the yarn leading from your work to the ball, leaving yourself about 6 inches. Take your needle out of the last stitch and pull the 6 inch tail through it and pull the yarn tight. Then using a tapestry needle, weave the tail through the nearby few stitches to secure it and snip off the remaining yarn. Good luck!