Casting off confusion

Hi guys
Me again needing help!
I am at the end of my pattern for a hat and it finishes with: break off yarn. Run yarn through rem stitches, draw up and fasten off.

What does that mean? How do you run yarn through?

Thank you for any responses.

What you do is cut the yarn about 12" from the hat. Then you put that end into the eye of a tapestry needle. Push the tapestry through each stitch as you pull the knitting needle out. So each stitch stitch will end up on that extra yarn. Then you will pull it tight to close up the hole. Then fasten off and voila!! You’re done!!

Just wondering how many stitches you have on your needles. The # of stitches you have will determine how long the yarn should be when u cut it off.


Hi. The stitch count has been reduced to 16 now. Is 12"enough?

I’m not sure. You can cut it at 24" if u want to be sure. Too long is better than too short!!



Does it matter that I have knitted on straight needles and not round. That looked way to difficult for me as a beginner. The hat isn’t sewn together yet so there isn’t a hole as such.

This knitting lark is complicated …but fun!

Thanks for your time

Hi there.

You will want to cut a MUCH longer yarn at the end, since you will be sewing the final seam as well. I don’t know if u should do the seam first or the top first.

Which pattern are u using??


Its crofters dk 9339. I will follow what you suggest on running the yarn an if it looks wrong I will start from the top.

Here’s hoping…

I do appreciate your advice


Just to let you know that I finished it! Not perfect but it’s a HAT!

Thanks for your help

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