Casting/Binding off over cable row

I am currently working on an aran waistcoat and have come to the shaping of the shoulders. My question is, how should this be done? Should I do it in pattern or should I just knit the stitches as they appear. For instance there are cables Cb2 and Cf4 [the Cb2 is 1 st on cable needle held at the back 1 from the main part of the knitting then knit st from cable needle and the C4b and f is the same but with 2 sts held on cable needle. So, when decreasing and I come to these do I hold the sts on the cable needle decrease one from the main part then complete the cable thereon. Also there is a reverse stocking stitch[US terms stockinette] on the right side as well in the pattern when casting off do I also do this in pattern?:??

Don’t try to BO on the cable row itself, do it on the row after or one of the other rows. BO in pattern, so knit the knit sts and purl the purls. If you absolutely have to bind off on this row, just don’t cable, knit or purl the sts plain.

and you might want to K2tog in the cable (either the purls either side of the cable, or the cable’s Knit stitches)

cables tend to have more compressed gauge, and when you bind off, the edges can be too big… a few K2tog’s or p2togs can make a neater edge.

Thanks Suzeeq and of Troy. One final question how about the rest of the pattern between the cables? It is a reversed stockinette stitch, do I cast that off in pattern too?:knitting:

Yes. Casting/binding off is only passing the 2nd st over the 1st, otherwise it’s just like knitting another row in whatever pattern you’re using.

i would! (but you don’t have too! the bind off will be hidden in the shoulder seam…so it won’t show!

I tend to like to bind off back (and make a shoulder seam for support of the sweater)
and then half graft (graft the live stitches on front to bound off stitches of the back…)

but i have also bound off both front and back, (and seamed) and have used a 3 needle bind off for a shoulder seam.

as always, the BEST choice is subjective… Pick one of these, or some other style… what ever you like best!

Thank you ladies, you have both been a great help:yay: