Cast On

Okay- I did a long tail cast on and have done a K2P2 rib for 5 inches. Now the pattern says- Knit first 32 sts. Leave rem 52 sts on sm circular needle. Cast on 56 sts. Join in rnd and pm on first st. 88 sts. I got the knit first 32 sts. I got leave the rem 52 sts on sm circular needle. I do not know how to cast on an add’l 56 sts. What cast on method…Please help…Thanks

To cast on to knitting when you’ve done a few rows, use the knit or cable cast on. Move the right needle to your left hand, cast on the sts, then put it back to the right, put a marker on the needle, and join it to the other stitches by knitting the next row.