Cast on

Why after casting on with the long tail cast on, (and it is perfect looking, not all loose or anything)after knitting the first row, would I end up with about an inch or more of double yarn between the last and next to last stitch? Does anyone know what I mean? Thanks for any help. :?? Contom

Could you have made your slip knot too loose? And is this flat knitting or in the round?


No, the slip knot is perfect, and, I am actually purling the first and last 4 of the rows alternating with k3-p3 between.

can you take a picture of it and post it for us?

Could you be knitting your tail along with your working yarn on the first row? Some people do this on purpose so they don’t have to weave in the tail later. If this is what you’re doing, you’ll have to treat the doubled part as one strand when you get to it. You might also want to make a little tighter to decrease the extra bulk. Amy demonstrates this technique in one of her videos – can’t remember which one. Maybe the small project.

i think it is in one of the joining videos where she does the double knit in join. At least she was talking about it when i was looking at those videos last night… :wink: no idea if it is in another video too though.

You could try eliminating the slip knot. I long tail CO the way she does it in the video, with no slip knot, because I found that I pulled the slip knot too loose when knitting into it. Using the non-slipknot method, there’s no loosening.

i tried to send the pic. but it says it is too big, :wall: i am getting even more frustrated, i don’t know how to do resolutions with pics.
not sure the above will work either…contom

Here this is a direct link to it. I am not sure that I can see where the problem is occurring but it looks like you might be grabbing the tail too? not sure

well, the link posted in my previous post worked for me by copying and pasting it in the address bar. it almost looks like the last stitch needs to be tightened, but it doesn’t work for me. it is a 65 stitch cast on, then the next row is p4 (k3 p3) and the last 4p. that’s as far as i’ve gotten, i did just take it apart again, but wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else. i will do the no slip knot long tail cast on. thanks all for your help. contom

brendajos how did you do that? direct link? the tail is fine, it is on the other end, not caught up in the process at all. back to the drawing board!