cast on

How many do I cast on knitting for 3 sts to an inch for a kingsize blanket?

I would think that the first thing you neef to do is decide on the width you want the blanket to be and the type of stitch ot pattern you wsnt to use. If you are doing basic knitting take the width size and multiple it by 3, aldo take into consideration the size of the needles and the bulk of the yarn.

Impossible to answer with info given, sorry. If you want to make it Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth style, starting at one corner and increasing until the desired width then you start with 3 sts.

That is using a diagonal style. It might be the best way it the wants to make such a large blanket.

It might be a good idea. I don’t know. The point I meant to make was the CO can be as few as 3 sts or as many as who knows? So many variables.

We really need to know if there is pattern that will be used too. What size is needed? Just to cover the top of the bed or to hang over the edge? If to hang over the edge, how long a drop is desired?

I did some searching and most of the responses is that the blanket should be knitted in panels rather than as one piece