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i was taught to cast on using a method where you knit a st and placed it on the same needle. That was 40 years ago. Then I learned the long tail cast on a few months back. It made the edge of the hats so much nicer! But now my thumb is not happy. I guess from the stretching out doing the long tail. :frowning2: Hopefully it will calm down eventually.

My Q…is there a nice edge looking cast on that you use for things like hats.

I love the tubular cast on. The fabulous Eunny Jang has a video for one version. You can cast on the waste yarn with just a thumb cast on since the waste yarn is snipped out anyway.

I use a version of the tubular cast on that is based on long tail so that doesn’t help you at all.

Thanks Salmonmac. I have bookmarked this for when my thumb has stopped its tantrum. I saw a cable cast on video since my first post. Thought that may work.
Have you ever tried it? She said it is good for hats.
Here is the link

Yes, I’ve used that too and it’s a nice cast on.

I like cable cast on, but I find it a little tight. YMMV


Your Mileage May Vary. :slight_smile: I’ve heard people say it’s a stretchy cast on, but I’ve never found it so.

Are you interested in trying a different way of doing the long tail cast on?
Long Tail Cast On - Thumb Method

Some people love a crochet cast on.

The Chinese Waitress cast on is popular but I’m not real happy with how the first row looks. It’s easier for me to do it with a crochet hook.

You might like Very Stretchy Cast-on for Double and Single Ribbing by Tillybuddy.

If you really get interested in different cast ons you can check out oftroy’s Golden Apples. I should warn you: This site can be a real time suck.

I hope your thumb gets all better fast.
Imitation I-cord Cast-on and Bind-off

ETA I just remembered another I like. Imitation I-cord Cast-on and Bind-off

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Holy catfish Grumpy! Thank you for all your ideas
And your work! I will check every one of them. I
Need to get bigger needles for the chunky yarn I
Was given. I played with thinner yarn to see if I could
Do a long tail with my thumb right against peter pointer
Instead of stretched away. Very slow but it worked.

Have a good ungrumpy day. (When I typed good it had a typo
Of food…so have a good day, or food day…which is a good day.)

You must be psychic. I’m having a good day and my daughter served me good food for lunch. I even got to see my grandgirl. I love cast ons. I try cast ons I’ll never use. The Golden Apples blog is a bad place for me to visit so sometimes I won’t even post a link. I have to be sure it works and then I tend to get sucked into looking at cast ons. I can’t imagine how I’d cope if I couldn’t manage casting on. Enjoy!

The only thing about casting on that is almost totally not gonna happen for me is using larger needles or casting on over two needles to make it looser. It’s not needed and it makes the first row sloppy. My pet peeves concerning cast ons. TMI?

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So happy you had a great day!
And I agree…I don’t like the loose cast ons either.

Wow Grumpy! Never heard of the Golden Apples! Love it.
Be back in a few weeks.

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Fascinated with the crochet cast on. Never even heard of it!
Have yarn stash for a dish cloth. Will try it there. Yippee!
I love new things . :smiley::smiley:

I do a long tail cast on like this.
I figure how long a tail I need by wrapping the yarn around the needle the same amount of times as stitches needed to be cast on.
I keep the tail to the right.
I use my left index finger as a needle, and just knit them on.
No pain, very easy. Technique my mom taught me many, many years ago.

I am amazed at that. How clever!

I tried a cable cast on and loved the edge as it fit better with the cast off.

Hi Ellee
I loved the looks of it on you tube. The ticker yarn I had
Made it tricky to get thru the sts…I will try it again
With thinner yarn for sure.