Cast on with two colors?

How do you cast on with two different colors?

Well, if you need to actually cast on with two colors at the same time, the easiest way I know of is to just hold both together and cast on as if they were a single strand.

Another method would be to cast on the first color, then work the first row with the second color, and go from there.

I’m sure that just like most things in knitting there are probably several ways of doing it, but those two are the easiest I know.

I normally just cast on one color and then don’t worry about the second color until I get to the row/round where I am actually going to use it.

There is a few different ways you can do it… and it depends on what you are making…

If you are hold both strand together as one, just hold them together as one and cast on like you usually would…

If you are doing color work you can cast one 2 different needles and then move them one at a time to the needle you will be working with (that’s what I did for my 2 socks at once)

You can also do cable cast one with them at them same time… they explain here how to…

I am sure there are more ways, but these are the ways I know…

no no. I mean it’s like cast on mc for 22 then cc for 44 then back to mc for 22.

Use whatever CO you usually do. Start with the MC for 22 sts, switch to the other color for 44, then back to the MC. Leave tails so you can weave them into your knitting later on.


of course! it won’t leave holes because im casting on, not knittin!!! i use the cable cast on method.